Gatosk Opportunity

Gatosk Opportunity.

Gatosk is the first network marketing company to offer exceedingly affordable service packages for shopping print-on-demand (POD), travel discounts, and web advertising spaces. Gatosk is also the first network marketing company to use a new patent pending (no.62072127) forced matrix compensation plan called 1.5x GridTM and the new pass up 2UP SplitTMcompensation plan. Gatosk’s graphic designers and distributors are our very important assets. We pay them generously through our powerful compensation plan. We motivate them with fabulous contest cash prizes. We are a community-oriented profit organization.

Gatosk Loves Everyone.  Everyone Loves Gatosk.

Gatosk is fun for all people including web shoppers, graphic designers, travelers and distributors. Life is expensive. Why should we complicate ourselves with product refills known as autoship? There is no such thing as a start-up cost or autoship to keep up with Gatosk. 100% optional auto-renewable service packages as little as $15 a month is extremely affordable, forgiving for motivated people who are interested in supplementing their income or start a new career in the direct selling industry. We believe in empowering people to create their own meaningful life. Whether you are looking to make a small change or significantly improve your life circumstances, Gatosk is ready to help you make those dreams a reality.


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